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Page Rank What is it?

PAGERANK: WHAT IS IT AND HOW IS IT ASSIGNED? It is a well known fact that Google assigns every single website page a Google Page rank, which is based on a complicated mathematical algorithm known only to Google. Pages are ranked on a scale from 0-10 with zero as the lowest and ten as the highest. Interlinking of websites – external as well as inter – holds value so far as Page Rank is concerned. If the site X links to the site Y, the latter gets credited with a percentage of Site X’s Page Rank which kind of gets passed cover to it. The Site X loses nothing so far as Page Rank is concerned – unless and until the link is to a bad neighborhood or a banned area. An example … Read entire article »


Get Backlinks

How do you get backlinks for your site? What is a backlink? Let’s say you were on facebook and you were looking through your wall and saw where someone added a video from you tube. If you take a look at that post, they added a link to the you tube video. In essence, that link is a backlink to you tube. All it means is that someone has a link that goes to your site somewhere other than your site. As more and more of these links appear in the google spider searches, your site is seen as a site that others are interested in. As this grows, so does the assumed importance of … Read entire article »

Order Quality Backlinks

I have a very high quality source for backlinks at an amazing price. If you would like to order some, let me know. 5,000+ quality backlinks for a single web URL and up to two keyword phrases is $8.00 –> Add $1 for each additional URL / Keyword phrase you’d like to add. For example: URL: KW1: free stuff KW2: Free Offers 1 URL & 2 KW Phrases = $8 Example 2: URL: KW1: Best Xbox Game KW2: Xbox games URL: KW1: free stuff KW2: Free Offers 1st URL = $8 2nd URL = $1 Total cost $9 Total 5,000+ links to be split between the two urls. Base Price includes 1 URL and up to 2 Keyword phrases and are as follows: 2,000+ … Read entire article »

How to get some free backlinks

Free Backlinks? Why would anyone give away some free backlinks considering how precious they are in the web building world? It wasn’t that long ago that I was a total newbie in the world of internet marketing. I didn’t know a backlink from a chain link fence just about. I will share some freebies with you so that you can benefit from some of my learning curve. I’ll also give some direction as to how some of them work and how they can benefit you. I have a site that has a .ws extension (huge no no for SEO I’m told). At the time of this posting, there were 31,800,000 … Read entire article »